Macway Uhl’s extensive strategy consulting business is driven by a passion for discovering and capturing opportunities to create shareholder value. Our proven approach to developing and implementing winning strategies has been applied to everything from fundamental corporate directions to individual business unit strategies.  Winning solutions come from a focus on creativity, business insight, and rigorous analysis — grounded in facts yet dealing with the inherent risks that are part of any business environment.

To bring insight and clarity to highly complex and uncertain situations, we work with teams to rapidly develop and evaluate strategic options, building on our industry experience and state-of-the-art analytical methods.  The analysis is transparent (i.e. no “black boxes”), provides clear direction, and suggests risk management strategies to maximize value and build commitment for implementation. 

Our process is highly collaborative, often consisting of a series of intensive working meetings to identify challenges, develop alternatives, and evaluate the best strategic course.  Guiding teams through difficult, yet constructive, conflict has resulted in “watershed” moments that have enabled our clients to move forward boldly in new directions.  Your team will become aligned around the nature of the challenges, options, and risks that affect the ultimate choice of strategy, and the plan forward to reach a final agreement.

We also provide planning department outsourcing services as a high-quality, low-cost option for small and mid-sized companies. Our tools, capabilities, and experience allow us to deliver big company quality and responsiveness to smaller companies where top analytics and rapid turnaround are critical. Our services include portfolio management, strategic planning, managing the budgeting process, acquisition and divestiture analysis, and capital project decision and risk analysis.