Project management is all about delivering a quality project, safely, and on time and on budget.  Too often, projects suffer from schedule slippage and cost overruns that could have been mitigated with better planning. We are the world’s leader in cost and schedule risk analysis, having honed an efficient process and analytical approach on over 100 major capital projects and R&D programs.  These analyses revealed the major risk factors and identified priorities for mitigating those risks and capturing opportunities.

Macway Uhl has extensive experience helping clients manage the risk of major capital and IT projects, ranging in size from $10 million to $40 billion dollars.  Typically these analyses are conducted in a series of interactive workshops using the latest analytical tools.  The workshops deliver

  • A prioritization of risks to enable the project team to deliver their project on time and budget
  • A systematic basis for project economics and funding decisions
  • Improved team alignment, particularly regarding the interactions of various disciplines
  • Insights into the development of risk mitigation strategies
  • A clear summary with which to communicate risks and mitigation plans to management, partners, governments, and contractors.