Macway Uhl Education offers a variety of courses that can be easily tailored to the needs of your company. 

Achieving Strategic Excellence

This briefing is geared to executives and focuses on how they can participate in strategy and decision processes to get the most out of their organizations.  The course is available in half-day and one-day formats and is often integrated into executive retreats where teams work on their most pressing strategic issues.

Decision Making for Project Teams

This popular course teaches participants a high-quality process and set of tools for analysis and dialog with the ultimate decision makers.  Participants are typically from a common product or asset team and work on a real decision they bring to the class.  This course is available in two-day or three-day formats.

Decision Facilitation Workshop

This week-long course develops facilitation expertise for strategy and decision making in a central support organization in your company.  We share proven techniques for facilitating organizationally and analytically complex decisions and give students opportunities to hone their skills through role-playing on real decisions from your organization.  This course is typically one week long.

Decision Modeling Course

This week-long course is for analysts who will be supporting your organization with analytical models to quantify the risks and benefits of decision alternatives.  We teach modeling methods that lend themselves to clarity and communication of complexity and risk with re-usable, flexible spreadsheet templates.  This course is typically one week long.